Has Your Air Conditioning Stopped Working Completely? Are You Concerned That It Has A Leak or Fault?


​If your vehicle air conditioning has stopped working completely there may be a leak somewhere within the system. We always carry out a Nitrogen Leak Test in advance if your air con has stopped working. It is a legal requirement to ensure that the ac system is not leaking before it can be regassed, as air con refrigerant is harmful to the environment.


During a leak test we will fill the system with nitrogen. We then closely monitor the system whilst it is under pressure to see whether the pressure remains constant or drops. If a leak is present we can detect it and diagnose the part at fault. In some instances, we also use a range of other leak detection methods including: leak detection agent, which will bubble / foam on contact with a leak; UV light if the system has previously been filled with UV leak dye; and electronic refrigerant leak detector or 'sniffer, which detects a leak using a sensor.  A fully sealed system is integral to correctly functioning air conditioning. It is very important to keep the system well maintained with regular services at least every 2 years. 

As well as leak detection we also offer air con fault finding and diagnosis.  If the air con is still not working, even after a regas, we can help diagnose any problems and advise on what air con repairs are required.