Is there a bad smell coming from the air vents when you turn on your air con? Do you avoid using the fans altogether? If so, your car could benefit from an antibacterial odour treatment. 

We highly recommend booking an antibacterial odour treatment with your car air con regas. The bad smells are caused by the build up of fungus and bacteria in the evaporator, which sits just behind the dashboard. The evaporator core is prone to the growth of bacteria as moisture gets trapped in the small components causing microbes to build up.


It is impossible to clean the evaporator without specialist equipment which is why it is important to call a professional when you notice a bad smell. Don't be tempted to simply buy an air freshener as this only masks the smell; it does not solve the underlying problem.


The ATOM MACHINE is an electronic ultrasonic nebulizer device designed to atomise liquids that are then distributed by the A/C Recirculation System. The machine atomises a specially developed treatment liquid to create large quantities of fine particles (less than 5 micron’s in diameter) which are able to easily enter and clean the evaporator leaving a fresh, clean citrus fragrance.