Manufacturers recommend your car air con system is serviced at least every 2 years as it can lose up to 15% of refrigerant each year. Low refrigerant levels will mean the engine has to work harder to produce cold air resulting in decreased efficiency and increased fuel costs. It is important to maintain your air con system throughout the year to avoid any damage to components and to keep the system and seals well lubricated. It is also just as important to continue using the air con throughout the Winter, as the dry air it creates assists in quick demisting of the windscreen improving your visibility out on the road. ​​

Our City & Guilds certified mobile technician is fully qualified in refrigerant handling and fully insured, covering Cornwall so we will come to you. A service generally takes around an hour to complete, and includes the following:

  • Initial A/C System Check 

  • Refrigerant Recovery

  • Vacuum Pressure Test

  • Nitrogen Leak Testing 

  • Visual Inspection

  • System Regas (Recharge) R134a / R1234yf to Vehicle Specific Levels

  • A/C Oil Top Up with Leak Detection UV Dye

  • Final A/C System Pressure Check

R134a and R1234yf Refrigerant

Since 2017 vehicle manufactures have been required by law to use a new, more environmentally friendly refrigerant gas known as R1234yf in all new passenger cars. This new gas replaced the older R134a refrigerant which has been in use since 1995. Some manufacturers began using R1234yf as early as 2013, so there are a number of vehicles during the 4 year crossover using either gas. DH Auto Southwest can service & regas both R1234a and R1234yf vehicles, and we can help you identify which gas your car uses if you're unsure, 

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are the future of road travel, which is why were proud to have invested in the newest technology and equipment to ensure that we can provide our air conditioning services across all hybrid and electric vehicles. The compressor in hybrid and EV vehicles are powered by an electric motor as opposed to a drive belt which requires specialist oils. All of our equipment goes through a complete flush cycle to remove any residual oil or contaminants prior to working on the vehicle.