Has Your Air Conditioning Stopped Working Completely? Are You Concerned That It Has A Leak?

If your vehicle air conditioning has stopped working completely there may be a leak somewhere within the system. It is not always possible to detect a leak during a service, so we always recommend carrying out a Nitrogen Leak Test in advance if your air con has stopped working. It is also a legal requirement to Nitrogen Leak Test an ac system that is leaking before it can be regassed, as R134a refrigerant is harmful to the environment.

During a leak test we will first remove any existing refrigerant from the system (unless it is already empty), and then fill the system with nitrogen. We then closely monitor the system whilst it is under pressure to see whether the pressure remains constant or drops. If a leak is present we can detect it through a 'hissing' noise and diagnose the part at fault.


In some instances, we also use a range of other leak detection methods including: leak detection agent, which will bubble / foam on contact with a leak; UV light if the system has previously been filled with UV leak dye; and electronic refrigerant leak detector or 'sniffer, which detects a leak using a sensor.  


A fully sealed system is integral to a correctly functioning air conditioner. It is very important to keep the system well maintained with regular services. 


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