Here at DH Auto Southwest we have a wealth of experience dealing with wiper mechanisms, door mechanisms and associated motors. We supply and fit door and wiper mechanisms, linkages and motors. Our mobile technician will fit them for you at your home address or workplace. ​


We are also happy just to fit these parts if you decide to source them yourself.​

Windscreen Wiper Mechanisms

Over time the windscreen wiper mechanism linkage and motor become worn and can fail leaving your car without the use of the wiper blades. If you find that your wipers have excess play when in parked position, or during use, this could be the first sign of a failing mechanism and we recommend giving us a call so we can take a look before they stop working completely.   

Window Mechanisms

It is quite a common fault for the motors and the cables in the door mechanisms to become badly worn and break after years of use. These components are often used multiple times a day which causes a lot of wear. Unfortunately there are little signs that the mechanism is about to fail, however there are ways you can try to maintain the system by ensuring the window rubbers, positioned around the windows, are kept clean to avoid any additional friction / stress on the components. If your windows stop working and no longer move when you press the electric window button or winder we can supply and fit a new mechanism for you.